Welcome to the BEXIS 2 demo.

The Bexis 2 demo can be explored in 3 ways.

Without Registration

As a non-registered user, you can view the publicly provided dataset.

Public Search

With prepared users

Role User Password
Scientist scientist scientist
Data Manager datamanager datamanager
Administrator administrator administrator

The system is reset once a week. Data that was created with this account no longer exists afterwards!


Register yourself

You can register yourself. After successful activation, features rights must be granted by the administrator.

Please write an email to bexis-support@uni-jena.de and describe briefly what you want to test, so that we can activate the appropriate functions for you.

The system is reset once a week. Thus, the user accounts are no longer available and you have to register again!


In the instance, there is test data that was provided to us by running instances.